Printer Test Page – Test Page For Printer

No matter which brand printer you have, you can still check it by printing a test page using our tool.

If you are looking for help with your printer errors, check our printer testing blogs, and if you are thinking of purchasing a new printer, check our blog suggesting the best printers.

print black and white test page

Black & White Test Page

We made printing the black and white test page very easy for you. You can do it with just one click.

Please connect your printer with any smart device and click on the below button to print a black and white test page.

No matter which printer you are using, you can test your printer in one click with our free tool.

This black and white test page will help you check the ink and print quality of your printer. 

Print Color Test Page

You can print a color test page to test your color printer’s print quality in just one click.

We have personally designed this color test page with a different color combination to get a better idea.

Our free tool works with all brands’ printers, but your printer must be connected to your device.

After clicking on the below button, the color test page will open. Click on the print button, and you are done.

print a color test page
print cmyk test pages icon

Print CMYK Test Page

It is always recommended to print a CMYK test page before your start troubleshooting any print quality issue.

Our team of experts personally designed all in one CMYK test page so that in one print, you will get the idea.

This is the specially created CMYK test page, but you can also print all 4 colors separately. 

After clicking on the below button, CMYK test page PDF will open in a new tab. Click on the print button. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I print a test page?

You can easily print a test page using our free test page printing tool; what you have to do is visit our website You will find three different buttons: Black & White Test Page, Color Test Page, and CMYK Test Page; click on the respective button to print a test page.

If your printer is connected to Windows, then you can print a test page from Control Panel >> Devices and Printers >> Right click on the Printer from which you want to print a test page >> Click on Properties >> In General tab you will find an option as Print Test Page, click on it.

Another option is the self-test page. If you have HP, Epson, or Brother printer, you can also print a self-test page. Check your printer manual for instructions.

How do I print a test color page?

To print a test page, you need to visit and click the Print Color Test Page button, and the color test page will print. Or, when you print a self-test page from a color printer, it will automatically print a color page so that you can easily understand the print quality.

What is the purpose of printing a test page?

If your printer is not printing correctly, then with the help of a test page, you can check the problem and better understand it. The printer test pages are designed so that you can quickly rectify the error and then find the cause and fix it accordingly.

Windows printer test page works but nothing else?

Most wireless printer users face this problem. When your system firewall blocks the communication to the printer, you will face this problem. We suggest you temporarily connect your printer using a wired connection and contact your printer brand; they will help you quickly solve the problem.

Does My Printer Need To Be Connected With a Device To Print A Test Page Online?

No, you can also print a self-test page from the printer itself, but to print an online test page then your printer needs to be connected to a smart device with active internet connectivity.

How Can I Print A Test Page If My Printer Is Not Connected To Device?

In this condition, you can print a self-test page. For the instructions to print a self-test page, please check the printer’s user manual or check our blog section.