How to Override HP Printer Ink Cartridge Error?

Are you facing an HP printer ink cartridge error? If yes, then this article is for you. Below in this article, I have shared how to override the HP printer ink cartridge error; read the below article carefully to learn about the solution.

Being one of the most popular brands, everybody uses HP products at least once in their lifetime. Among the wide range of products offered by the brand, printers are also one of them. But, while you use these printers, you might encounter issues or errors hampering your user experience. Such issues can be like no recognition of the new toner or ink cartridge when you replace the empty one. 

In case your computer flashes the message that the print cartridge is missing or the computer is unable to detect it, you must be able to override the HP printer ink cartridge error. You can expect these messages when you have replaced generic, remanufactured, or refilled ink cartridges. Continue reading the article to find out the reasons for such an error and to find adequate step-by-step solutions. 

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What is the cause of the HP printer cartridge error?

Usually, when you try to print your documents, the HP printer cartridge error gets recognized, with the message popping up on the screen stating there is no ink in the cartridge. It also implies that you have added the cartridge, but the computer cannot recognize it. For such a behavior following reasons can get considered:

1. Protective strips aren’t removed:

Before installing the new cartridges, ensure you have removed the protective strips of the cartridge. Often, HP printers cannot recognize these newly installed cartridges due to the protective strips. Besides the strips, there might be some plastic covers or tabs which should also get removed. 

2. Dirty or broken metal contacts:

If any dirty or broken metal contacts are inside the machine, problems related to the HP ink cartridge might arise. Also, a communication error can arise between the ink and the printer if the newly installed ink is dirty. 

3. Improper installation of the ink cartridge:

Before buying any ink cartridge for your printer, ensure you know the type of ink cartridge suitable for your system. If you don’t know this information, you can access your system’s user manual. Also, make sure you place your ink cartridges in the right slot.

How can you fix the HP printer cartridge error? 

Method 1: Reset your HP printer

Reset your HP printer

If you encounter a cartridge error, you can reset your printer as one of the easiest methods to fix the error. Follow the given steps

  1. The first step is to remove your ink cartridges and turn on your HP printer. 
  2. After waiting for a while, place the ink back gently.
  3. After closing off the cover of your HP printer, turn off your printer. 
  4. After a while, switch on your printer again. 
  5. Now, print the document to verify whether the error has been resolved or not. 

Method 2: Clean your metal contacts

Cleaning metal contacts is another method to fix the error. Follow the below-given steps-

  1. Switch off your HP printer after unplugging it from the power source, and open the printer door to remove the ink cartridge. 
  2. After extracting these metal cartridges, check the metal contacts. 
  3. Very gently use a dry cotton cloth to wipe out any dirt on these contacts. 
  4. Put back the ink cartridges and then turn on the HP printer. 
  5. To verify whether the error is fixed or not, print a document. 

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Once everything is set up, check the printer by printing a test page

After fixing any printer error, it is imperative to test the printer by printing a test page to know whether the error is solved or not. Here is how you can print a test page to check your printer. 

You can print the test page in two different ways. First is by printing an HP printer self-test page, and secondly, you can also print a test page online using

First, click here to go to the test page printing tool. On the page, you will get 3 different buttons: Black & White Test PagePrint Color Test Page, and Print CMYK Test Page. Click on one button according to your printer type, and the test page will print. 


After reading the article, we hope you know why the HP printer cartridge error might arise and the solutions to fix the same. These errors are commonly encountered and can be fixed by following simple steps. 

We hope this article about how to fix HP printer ink cartridge errors is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media if you find it useful for you in any manner. 

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